簡易熱帶魚飼料的做法 英語作文
熱帶魚的飼養如果缸子做好了,制作魚飼料應該比較簡單,試論一二: African fish if feed in jar already, theway to make out fish food should be simple, let me try to make sence: (簡章)小毳的魚飼料 (simple) Fish food 食物配備,簡單的說,初級選..
從英語班到大河壩 我的成長經歷作文1300字
小時候我英語學的不好,憂心的父母把我送到就近的英語培訓班學習。 從此,我的童年課外學習生活從這里開始了。剛開始還好,老師每天用極其溫和的口氣提問問題;下課了,幾個同學肆無忌憚地在走廊里跑跳、打鬧,還可以下樓去買自己喜歡吃的東西。感覺過得很是..
一節英語課 難忘的英語課作文500字
這次期末考試我英語考得不好,看著爸爸、媽媽失望的表情,我的心情特別糟糕。我決定在暑假期間抓緊時間把英語給補一補。 我在我的一個好朋友家里學英語,一開始老師就分別給我們每個同學取了一個英文名字,我叫Cindy(辛蒂)。老師一下子就把我們帶進了一個奇..
一次難忘的英語活動 讓我難忘的英語活動300字作文
今天,我們班舉行了一場別開生面的攀登英語中期展示活動。我和連璐是小主持人。爸爸知道了,一大早坐火車從亳州趕回來,為我加油助威。我又緊張又激動。許多家長也陸續來到了我們班,我們班可真熱鬧呀! 表演開始了,大家都獻出了自己最拿手的英語節目。家長..
Doing Housework 寫做家務的英語作文
Doing Housework It is our duty to help parents do housework ,and it is also a duty as a member of the family. For me, I always wash dishes after dinner. Sometimes I sweep the floor on weekends, but my mother does that more of the time. At..
Housework 關于做家務的英語作文
Housework Doing housework is a kind of exercise for us.So I do housework every day and I like to do housework. I usually cook meals for myself.Because my parents are busy with their work.So that,I have to cook meals by myself.Besides that,..
My Dad 我的父親英語作文
Unlike most people, I dont have a sweet home, since I have to say my father is not very good. Half the time he was gone. The other half he would drink all night and tell me I am worthless, that I would never amount to anything. I think he..
My English teacher 我的英語老師英語作文
My English teacher and all English teacher have on..
My Friend 我的朋友英語作文
Hi!My name is Nancy White.Im a middle school student. I have a good friend.Her nanme is Zhong Zicheng.Her telephone number is 139-56702398 She likes purple and red.She is friendly...
My good friend 我最好的朋友英語作文
I have a good friend.He is a boy.His name is LiMing.He comes from Beijing but now lives in Nanjing with his parents.He has short hair. He is very tall. He studies at SunShine Middle School. He likes all the lessons at his new school.And he is goo..
How to feed Holand pig 寫荷蘭豬的英語作文
Holand pig is a small and cute animal. Pigs are big and strong, but this pig is smaller size. Its head looks like rat, so is called ‘dolphin rat’. Holand pig normally is colorful, it is black, white, black and white, yellow black and whi..
去英語班 難忘的英語課200字作文
昨天,我要去英語課后班。我到了英語班之后,我看見有一些小朋友邊吃零食邊看書。我還看到和我在一個托管班的同學了呢? 老師一來,同學們把零食都收了起來,和老師一起大聲朗讀課文。 上課了,老師是先點名,然后又安排了許多任務,例如:旁邊兩個人對著搶..
Fun Time 做家務的英語作文
We have already been junior high school students. It means we have grown up. we should help parents do housework. Doing housework is good for our health. I like doing housework. Because doing housework can improve my ability. I often wash..
兒子的新英語老師 一位家長的隨筆日記600字
這次中秋節放假回來,兒子說他們的英語老師換了。原來的英語老師去一所山里的學校支教去了,我猜也許是為了評職稱的緣故吧。 “那么現在教你們英語的老師,男的還是女的?年輕人還是中年人?”我問兒子,到了畢業班,臨時換一門主課老師,對孩子學習不是不是..
在九月一日教師節,馬云退休了阿里巴巴。他又回到曾經,去教書了。 馬云在很久以前,是一個英語老師,很平凡普通的英語老師。他以前數學特別差,勉勉強強才考上高中,大學。在他沒成功之前,英國一個記者采訪他,問他最想干嘛,他不假思索回答,他想改變世界..
Let's do exercise together 健康的生活英語作文
As we all know, its important for us to do exercise. Doing exercise can not only help us keep fit, but also help to train a persons character.It can make us feel relaxed and energetic. When we go to school, we can go by bike or on foot. In..
Stephen Hawking 介紹史蒂芬霍金的英語作文
Ladies and gentlemen, its my great honor to make a speech here. I am member of Shenzhen Science Club.I am terribly sorry to hear that Stephen Hawking passed away on March 14th, 2018.So id like to introduce this brilliant scientist to all o..
My favorite book 我最愛的書英語作文
There are many kinds of books in the world.The Old Man And Sea is my favorite book. The writer of the book is Ernest Hemingway. He won the Nobel Price for Literature in 1954 because of his book. The book tells us that we shouldnt give up a..
英語作文 我的假期
This holiday, I went on a trip with my best friend.It was cold in the morning, but hot at noon.We went to mount emei. It was very beautiful.We talked to monkeys there. Monkeys are very interesting!They are not afraid of strangers, especia..


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